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Anti-Ageing Solution

Wants to Look Younger than Your Age and show others an attractive YOU. Now, It is possible that you can do so.

Health Sanctuary brings you the best Anti - Aging therapies and procedure through which you can reduce the look by almost 10 years and will discover a New You. Health Sanctuary provides several tested and proven services in Anti-Aging like Non Surgical Face Upliftment, Derma Fillers, Pits, Scars removal, Wrinkle reduction etc.

The USP of Health Sanctuary is that the technology that it uses is unique and only available in India and it is 100% hygienic which can provide your a look 10 years younger than your current look in just a few minutes. Sounds Amazing but it is the fact too. Now, I will give a brief of all the Anti-Aging services which Health Sanctuary proudly provides.

1. Under Eye Puffiness Treatment : Puffiness under eyes is basically caused due to fluid and fat. Puffiness results when a fat pad that cushions the eye begins to pull away from the bone of the lower eye and sags due to age. Heredity makes this more of a problem for some people. Retaining water can also cause puffiness, especially in the morning. Thus if you see puffiness under your eyes, that is an indication that you're probably not getting enough water in your system and thus drink plenty of water. At Health Sanctuary, we cure puffiness with our clinically developed treatments.

2. Wrinkle reduction :  Wrinkle Reduction is proven to effectively treat wrinkles, stretch marks and skin discoloration that time and sun have wrought. In addition to minimizing these imperfections, Health Sanctuary's various wrinkle reduction programs also stimulate collagen production, making your skin appear more supple and full, with skin resurfacing.

3. Non Surgical FaceliftAs Cosmetic Surgery procedures continue to develop, areas of the body once believed to be non treatable or difficult to treat can now be beautifully enhanced during a lunch break or an early afternoon escape from office. Health Sanctuary's revolutionary Non Surgical FaceLift procedure also known as Thermo-Lift, provides people with tighter, more youthful & glowing skin, all without undergoing any Face Lift surgery. Thermo-Lift is a widely renowned procedure & is used for the treatment of Wrinkles, Furrows, Creases, and so on, around the eyes.

4. FAT Injection : Fat grafting, or fat transfer, also referred to as fat injections, describes the procedure of transferring fat from the body (hips or thighs or from other locations) to the areas that have lost fat through ageing, e.g., most commonly the face, hands and breasts.
Fat injections can be an effective way to reduce wrinkles, diminish acne scarring and regain a more youthful appearance. By injecting human fat harvested from your own body, cosmetic surgeons at Health Sanctuary enhance facial fullness, fill deep creases, soften facial creases and wrinkles, plump lips, build up shallow contours and enhance breasts.
Unlike other cosmetic injectables that are made from synthetic products, fat injections do not pose a possibility of an allergic reaction because the fat tissue is taken from your own body.

5. Derma Fillers : With age, the skin loses volume and fullness and appears tired, slackened up and old. This is caused when the collagen-elastin support structure weakens and the skin loses its elasticity. Reverse this damage with Fillers, which are gel-like substances consisting of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a natural substance present in our body. When fillers are injected into wrinkled skin they fill out the wrinkles and give the skin a younger look. During the service, a topical anesthetic cream is applied on the concerned area - this is done 1 hour before the service. At Health Sanctuary we use Restylane, Perlane and Esthelis fillers. These are essentially gels of Hyaluronic acids - a substance that is produced naturally by the body and which gives skin its volume and fullness. A trained dermatologist injects the required units of fillers depending on the area and depth of fine lines.

6. BOTOX :  BOTOX is a natural, purified protein that works as a muscle relaxant to smoothen the facial lines that appear due to muscle movement. Botox has gained US FDA approval for treatment of frown lines, crow's feet and other moderate-to-severe wrinkles. At all Health Sanctuary Clinics trained Dermatologists administer BOTOX® doses based on the depth and severity of the wrinkles. A color management system color differences. Face is cleansed as a pre-requisite to administering BOTOX®. Next, BOTOX® is administered in a few tiny injections in the area from where the wrinkles are to be treated. The process does not involve much pain than that of just a mild pin prick

7. Breast Firming & Toning : It may be argued that fashion is fickle but many women have coveted bigger and toned breasts for centuries. These women are considered more attractive and feminine and are said to be high on sex appeal in many a male dominated societies. Motivations vary but the main reasons a woman craves for big, firm and tightened breasts are that she feels her breasts are too small, she has uneven or sagging breasts or she wants to regain the size and shape of her breasts after experiencing significant weight loss or post pregnancy. At all Health Sanctuary Clinics trained Dermatologists administer the NON SURGICAL RF treatment to give you that perfect shape and firmness in just a matter of days and weeks.

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